Hiring A Cleaning Company

The last time I ever hired a cleaning service was when I rented out my apartment a few years ago. It was seriously the most effortless experience that I have ever had. It is very easy to get scammed by a crappy company due to how easy it is to start up a cleaning service business and how little of money it actually takes to get the company started. When it comes to finding the right company to do your house cleaning, apartment cleaning, or business cleaning, make sure to check out this list of some tips and tricks.

The biggest thing we can tell you about hiring a company, and this goes for any business, is to AVOID NEPOTISM. Nepotism is when you hire someone you know like a friend or family member. This never goes well; for either side. It almost always ends up in the same load of dishes where both sides end up a victim and upset and then, in the end, they are no longer friends or on a friendly level anymore.

It Won’t End Well

This will quickly end in disaster so avoid hiring someone you know. One of the best things you can do before hiring a cleaning company is to let them know ahead of time that you plan on seeing how they do because you are basically interviewing companies for a long term position to clean your property. This helps them understand that this is not a one time thing, that you are an open and honest person, and that they have the chance to make more money from you on a consistent basis. Plus, we find that it is just best to be open with people from that start anyways. Another thing you can do is really determine of a cleaning crew is necessary.

Do you really NEED it or is this just a luxury you want? On that note, some people have budgets that are not affected by this type of decision; obviously, for them, they may not need to think about this question. However, if you are not in the right place to do that, it is usually just an extra feature or desire that is frivolous and a dumb budgeting decision. Make sure you aren’t just being lazy. Make sure to have the company come out and see your property before you receive a quote or price for their services. Remember, they are a business and they want your patronage so they usually tend to do things to get your business.

If they say that it is the same rate for anyone with a place of its size, make sure to explain to them that, where you understand their position, not every place is designed the same ergo more or less cleaning may be necessary based upon the layout of the place. When you say 500 square feet, that can be 30 completely different things and can be a tremendous difference in the amount of time they need to spend cleaning your place. Use this tips to find the best cleaning service for your place.

Great video about hiring a green cleaning service, which is something else we’re very passionate about. ┬áCheck out the video for great tips!