What Started This?

What started this, you ask?

Well, the short answer is that there needed to be a trusted place for all of this information that was filtered, moderated, and published based upon authenticity and trust… and it did not exist when we looked. The long answer is that we started off as a group together (the three of us) learning different things. There is Michael, who has been learning real estate as an actual realtor for the last few years and has been learning the In’s and Out’s of what it takes for a real estate agent to make it in this world and to be successful at doing so.

He quit his job as a CPA to do something that he enjoyed and he found out that helping people find a home or property of their dreams. Now he is in game and never looking back, he says. Then we have Marvin, the personality and face for our group here. You will see a lot of him on the website as he enjoys public speaking, educating people, and making videos showing how-to’s and more. His background involves the Internet, building connections through networking, and showing businesses and people how to take their game to another level; regardless of what that game may be.

Lastly, we have Alyssa

She’s the interior designer and home remodeling champion of the world. She has been in the realm of all things property and real estate for the last 18 years. She has, just about, seen it all and been a part of it all from the good all the way down to the bad. Her knowledge is so much that we cannot put a value on her. She is the backbone of the group and supplies us with the most useful knowledge and things that we would never have thought about unless she said it. We all met, as we said above, at a conference for enhancing your business. At that time, Michael was the only one with his own business while Marvin and Alyssa were in the preparation stages of starting their own companies.

As faith would have it, the three of us were sat at the same table and quickly shared a vibe. As the conference progressed, we found ourselves asking the same exact questions and, each one seemed to be along the lines of, “Why the hell is that how they do this? That makes no sense.” Needless to say, each of us had our own level of expertise to share towards a solution or better process for the entire situation. With the sharing of information and a few Facebook connections, we decided it was time for us to lead the way and make things happen. We are here to make your life easier through all of our combined knowledge and experiences while sharing user submitted stories and downfalls.

Please enjoy yourself because this has been a wild work in progress. Thank you so much for helping make this an amazing experience for us.